I help Start-up CTOs level-up. It's time.

Crossing $1MM in revenue? Feel the pressure of your next level of growth? It's time to level-up. This is a different game all together, I'm here to help guide you with a custom Gameplan.

The Start-up CTO's 90-day Checklist ™
Download this 90-day gameplan I used myself to help you hit the ground running.

The problem

SaaS accelerators focus on the CEO, the pitch, the go-to-market and the metrics. The tech co-founder is left to do what it takes to make good on those promises. Once you reach that $1MM milestone, things change. Teams need to grow, numbers need to flow, just as the business co-founder did, she/he needs to evolve into a leader, an executive, for investors and employees. But there is no time. If left unchecked, bad decisions are made, or worse, not taken. This is unsustainable and can lead to company cancer.
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"When we asked other start-ups about this problem, everyone seemed to be facing it. There is high demand for this kind of help" - Simon Boulet, Chief Operating Officer,
"He cares equally (if not more) about the people around him as he does the products he builds. [I've] watched him mentor and inspire his team and peers on a daily basis."
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"Once onboarded, you will instantly get organization, clarity, and order. We owe it a lot to Denis on how our engineering culture has been defined today, an essential to any startup maturing into cross departmental collaboration."
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The plan

Every company is unique, but in my experience, there are 4 main areas that need to be handled and we will work through a 90-day plan to accomplish this. Working daily, side by side and on-premise (or remote it makes more sense), with the tech co-founder. This keeps it human, and focuses on connection and communication.
  • Help hire / put in place key roles (Lead Dev, Product Owner, Scrum Master).

  • Take control of the budget, spending.

  • Put key processes in place (scrum, team communication).

  • Help establish a product vision, roadmap to drive toward.

At the end of the 90-days, the reigns are fully entrusted to the CTO-in-progress and we transition into one-on-one mentorship as you continue to execute the plan we have jointly developed during the quarter.

"Many other things will be discussed, namely, making tough decisions. As CTO and director, you are legally responsible for the fiduciary interest of the investors, over using cool tech. This is sobering but also empowering in many ways. - Denis Daigle"
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"He really fits the definition of a true Servant Leader"
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"Denis is an excellent team leader, he knows how to get the best out of you."
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"I can honestly say he made us do a complete 180 about the way we were seeing and managing our Product / engineering team."
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The outcome

You become the tech excutive your company needs to operate at that next level.
  • Presentations to the board, investors, executives

  • Developing OKRs

  • Networking skills and connecting with other CTOs

  • Thought leadership, speaking, writing LinkedIn posts

  • Continual interviewing process

These are all activities that need to be nurtured while maintaining the 4 main areas now being handled. These will all be worked on through mentorship sessions beyond the 90-day plan at an agreed upon interval.

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"He leads by example and is always looking out for others success. Denis truly brings out the greatness in everyone!" - Meghan Foreman, Head of Customer Success,

Ask yourself, what's the cost of not equipping yourself? In 6 months? In a year?

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