Denis Daigle

Hey, I'm Denis

All combined, I have a unique ability to not only build SaaS software, lead tech and teams but also be the visionary for how technology can be used to make a true impact while building a business around it. Here's how I got here:


Built several micro-SaaS as a boutique dev agency to provide business tools to enrich their client experience.

SaaS Developer SaaS Operator Ruby on Rails

Built a venture-backed social-impact SaaS product from scratch, led the tech and team to product market fit in a social impact industry (volunteering).

Tech Founder Chief Technology Officer Full-Service Platform Banking clients SocialTech

Contracted to help the first-time Startup CTO build a product vision, set processes, team and tech to put into action strategic tech initiatives to inspire the company to action and help drive the business forward.

VP of Engineering Product Vision AI partnerships TravelTech

Part of a mission-critical engineering team in building a next generation product for a scaled SaaS in health-tech industry.

Staff Developer HealthTech Ruby on Rails Event-based Architecture Gov. clients

Coaching Tech founders with a SaaS idea they want to build or are in the role of CTO for the first time hit the ground running with the map, the mindset, the mechanics and momentum they need to BE THE CTO(tm).

CTO Coach Mentorship Foundation training

Where I'm heading

Grow my coaching business to be the go to tech founder coach for SaaS accelerators and travel the world to help tech founders in disadvantaged areas make a true impact as an Investor, Advisor and Mentor.

Open to opportunities

Podcast, speaker, board member of a social impact business, mentorship, private CTO coaching, micro-SaaS contracts

Current business focus

Tech founder / junior CTO coaching program

"One thing that I'll never forget is that in startup accelerators, the CEO and pitch deck is the main focus, the CTO is left to "figure things out". I tried to get more support, but the mold was set, that sucked. I promised myself I'd help change that, and this is my attempt to be the coach I wish I had."
  • Who's my ideal client:

    Tech founders in accelerators with a SaaS idea they want to build or are in the role of CTO for the first time in the seed stage for product market fit.

  • Offer:
    • -A 1/2-day tech founder mastermind course
    • -A tech founder bi-weekly coaching call with tech solopreneurs and SaaS founders.
    • -Private 1-1 coaching sessions
    • -Free tools to help get unblocked personally and professionally as tech leaders.
  • What value do I give:
    • -Show you the map of what's ahead
    • -help you get the right mindset you need to lead with excitement not anxiety.
    • -provide the mechanics of the day to day
    • -provide a quarterly rythme of the start-up CTO role.

    Basically I give you everything you need to kill imposter syndrome, stop fuleing analysis paralysis and BE THE CTO your venture needs. The world needs what you have to offer. Don't let the unknown scare you or stop you. We're in this together, let's do this together!

  • What is the outcome you can expect?
    • -You are excited to get to work with your team and lead them.
    • -You know you can get the tactics you need whatever the challenge brings.
    • -You look forward to board meetings and executive meetings.

    You are using your full potential as the CTO 💪