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  • Gain a direction

  • Compress time

  • See your blind spots

  • Gain confidence

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Behind the book

During my formative years going from tech co-founder to CTO, we attended numerous bootcamps, accelerators and competitions. In every case, it astonished me to find that all of the focus was on CEOs, the pitch and the business model. There was no CTO training, it was all learn as you go. I promised myself that when I'd have a chance, I wanted to help other CTOs avoid my mistakes and compress time in a way I wished I could’ve had early on.

Packing this handbook with all my hard-earned lessons will save you time and alleviate some of your worry so you can focus on your technology and the day to day of owning your role. Having gone through With this one handbook I've included The Start-up CTO's 90-day Checklist, my personal experiences trying out different techniques addressing common start-up problems, and skills I used to really own the role of CTO, build my team and technology.

This is what I use with the CTOs that I coach and it keeps evolving as I do. I'd love to help you move forward in your journey. As a buyer, you'll be getting all the updates and I'll add you to the CTO stories mailing list. This is where I share with all of you the various life and times of Start-up CTO's just like you. Together, let's all learn from each other and help make the difference we are privileged to do.

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